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1000kW generator set introduced high technology


As a “shoulder-bearer” of the generator set industry in China, China Full Power is working hard to promote the development and production of core high-end generator sets. Recently, 1000kW generator sets have passed the test, which will effectively promote the transformation of the industry to high-end industry and set a new benchmark for the development of the industry.

The latest 1000kW generator unit developed by Huachun weighs about 9200kg, rotates at 1500r/min, and USES 1000kW power. It has achieved good results in the test report, which has been highly praised by experts and customers. It has the following advantages:

  1. The unit supports dual-energy startup and adopts electric pre-oil supply technology to effectively protect the motion pair and improve the service life of the generator set.
  2. The introduction of yuchai proprietary carbon scraping self-cleaning technology, low consumption of lubricating oil.
  3. Equipped with electronically controlled fuel injection system, stable operation can be transient speed regulation.
  4. Equipped with Huaquan Cloud intelligent control system, it can realize remote control, intelligent maintenance, automatic start-stop and other functions.
  5. Comply with national Three emission standards, clean and environmentally friendly, and effectively protect the blue sky and white clouds.

As a “carrier” in the industry, Huachuangfu not only pays attention to the improvement of product quality, but also pays more attention to the improvement of service mechanism. Through the active innovation of management system, continuous optimization of intelligent services, efficient for customers to solve the difficulties, won a good market reputation in the industry.

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