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110 kW gas generator set for fog cannon


Recently, huaquan expert team tailor-made for the customer 110 kW fog cannon special gas generator set, after professional testing qualified, has been sent to the customer designated location.

Fog gun vehicle is also called multi-functional dust control vehicle, dust control spray vehicle. Fog gun truck is based on the chassis of the second class car after modification. The structure of fog cannon mainly consists of automobile chassis, water tank, electric control system and fog cannon.

The electric control system of the fog gun vehicle generally USES the fuel oil generator set, so the generator set will produce some waste gas in the operation process, which will have an impact on the air. In combination with customer requirements and considering various factors, Huaquan has developed this gas generator set with 110 kW, which is economical, practical and pollution-free to provide power support for fog cannon.

The water mist particles sprayed by the fog cannon vehicle are extremely fine, up to the micron level. In the haze weather, the liquid mist can be used to remove dust, decompose the particle concentration in the air, and effectively decompose the pollution particles and dust in the air, so as to effectively alleviate the haze. At present, many cities in China have been equipped to use.

Choose the special generator set of Huachun fog cannon to help the city clean and environmental protection!

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