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1250 kW Cummins large container generator set shipped


Recently, Huaquan 1250 kW Cummins large container generator set, after professional testing qualified sent to the customer designated location.

Huaquan 1250 KW Cummins large container generator set is customized according to customer needs, in the production process reflects many digital achievements. For example, when welding some parts, the industrial welding robot of Yaskawa of Japan, one of the world’s four major brands, is used instead of manual labor to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted welding, which is efficient, safe and reliable in quality.

At the same time, this large container generator set is equipped with Huachun Yunzhi control system, which can start quickly in the case of sudden loss of power supply, without manual participation in the whole process, to fully guarantee the power safety of users.

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