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50 kW horizontal centrifugal pump unit, equipped with mobile rain shelter


Detailed parameters of 50 kW horizontal centrifugal pump unit

Pump model :10SH-13

Traffic: after 600 m/h

Head: 15 m

Imports: 250 mm

Exports: 200 mm

Speed: 1500 r/min

HuaQuan horizontal centrifugal pump unit adopts the form of packing seal, and its efficiency can reach 82%. It has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency, long service life and safe and stable operation.

The diesel engine clutch of the HuaQuan pump unit is directly connected with the elastic coupling of the water pump. It can absorb and discharge the horizontal and vertical axial direction, and transport rainwater and other media containing a small amount of sediment.

HuaQuan horizontal centrifugal pump unit, equipped with mobile trailer and rain proof shed, can realize 360 degree rotation, flexible and convenient to move. The rain proof shed adopts compressor spring, which is convenient to open and close and easy to operate.

If you want to know more about HuaQuan water pump unit, please pay attention to us!

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