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64KW Weifang drainage pump diesel engine: centrifugal drainage pump and submersible pump


1. Multistage centrifugal drainage pump

Centrifugal pump is composed of pump shell, impeller, sealing ring, shaft and bearing, and shaft seal. Pump shell: the multi-stage centrifugal pump usually uses radial split annular or circular pump shell to bear all working pressure and liquid heat load. Impeller: as a working part of water pump, it can be divided into closed type, semi open type and open type according to its efficiency from high to low. Sealing ring: made of wear-resistant material, it is generally installed on the front and rear cover plate of impeller and pump shell to ensure the sealing performance of the pump. Shaft and bearing: the pump shaft is between the impeller and the coupling, and the most suitable rolling bearing or sliding bearing is selected according to the size of the pump. Shaft seal: when the part is designed, it can be used in two ways: mechanical seal and packing seal.

Working principle: start the pump after filling the pump shell with liquid. Driven by the motor, the pump shaft and impeller rotate and produce centrifugal force. The water in the impeller channel can get certain pressure energy and speed energy, and throw out from the impeller. At this time, a low pressure area will be formed in the center of the impeller, and the pressure of the water inlet pipe is higher than it. This is bound to form a certain pressure difference, due to the role of this pressure difference, so that the liquid can be constantly inhaled and discharged.

At present, due to its mature technology, centrifugal pump has high working efficiency. It is widely used in coal mine drainage system because of its wide range of flow and lift.

2. Submersible pump

Submersible pump is a kind of equipment which is directly connected with HuaQuan pump and can work in the water. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of mine water disasters. Compared with dry-type motor, it is very likely to cause motor damage and system paralysis when encountering well bottom water. The application of submersible pump greatly improves the anti water disaster ability of the pump house at the bottom of the well. In addition, compared with the centrifugal pump, it also has the advantages of simple structure, convenient, compact and small volume. It can be directly installed in the well without setting special pump room.

Of course, submersible pumps (especially for deep well drainage systems). There are also some defects in the selection of large flow submersible pump. If the pumping solid medium can not be too hard, the content should be within 0.01%. Because of the large sand content, it is easy to damage the seal. The water in the motor causes a series of problems. And eventually cause the motor to burn out. The pH value of the liquid to be pumped should be in the range of 6.5 and 8.5. The temperature of medium transported by large flow submersible pump should be below 20 ° C. At the same time, due to its structural characteristics, the processing and manufacturing technology requirements are higher, the use and maintenance requirements are higher than those of centrifugal pump. It usually needs to be returned to the factory for repair, which to some extent restricts its wide use. Only under special circumstances can it be applied.

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