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A generator set lights a city


HuaQuan story

In our life, we are not unfamiliar with electricity. For example, some household appliances can use electricity. But we may not know much about the generator set.

The generator set is not a simple electric equipment. At the critical moment, it can help people solve problems and bring light.

The beginning of the story

A friend told me that in a small local town, the power supply was suddenly cut off one summer. People are in a state of panic and anxiety.

In modern society, it is impossible to imagine a life without electricity. Without electricity, our lives would have changed dramatically. It will mean that a series of products such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, electric vehicles, etc. cannot be used. Our life is going back to the era of kerosene lamps, which is unimaginable.

But this kind of thing did happen. It happened in that small town. The power was suddenly lost. Factories, shops, families and other places could not use electricity. The order of production and life was also broken. People were thinking of alternative methods, but they did not use them at all. Because you can use candles instead of electricity, but you can’t use other power instead of electricity.

The end of the story

At a time when people were at a loss, a staff member wearing huaquanli logo told everyone not to panic. We have a generator set here, which can help you supply electricity.

The generator set was purchased by an enterprise in a small town. When the municipal power was lost, they started the generator set. Seeing that many people around have no electricity, the company decided to send electricity free of charge to the people around to solve the urgent need.

People who are anxiously waiting for the power to be restored suddenly hear the news that there is power. They are very happy and rush to tell each other. It wasn’t long before many people came to the company to sign up for electricity.

The enterprise will generate electricity from the generator set. It is transmitted to each household through the municipal power channel. In the period of power shortage, it brings a little warmth to people and makes the whole city bright again.

This significance determines that this generator set is not only a product, but also a kind of goodwill transmission.

A generator set lights a city and warms it.

HuaQuan, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent power equipment, is the power solution expert around you.

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