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A high – quality generator set should have these 8 characteristics


The generator set brand on the market is numerous, we must look for formal big manufacturers when choosing, such as China full power, only in this way, can enjoy high quality products and services.

So, what are the characteristics of a high quality generator set?

  1. High power generation efficiency and economical operation.
  2. Equipped with intelligent control system, it can realize remote control, real-time monitoring, intelligent maintenance and other functions.
  3. With wide power coverage, it can be operated by a single unit or by multiple units, which is flexible and convenient for grid-connected operation
  4. Ambient temperature and altitude can adapt to a wide range.
  1. Safe and reliable, complete protection measures.
  2. Easy to operate, quick to start and stop, simple to maintain.
  3. Compact structure, convenient installation and transportation.
  4. Advanced technology, mature, stable performance.

In addition, Huaquan generator set also has the advantages of beautiful appearance, rich configuration and customization. It has been awarded more than 60 national patents and well received by market customers.

Select high quality generator set, please recognize Hua Quan!

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