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A high quality mobile generator set must have these three elements!


With the development of social economy, more and more attention has been paid to the movable property of generating sets, especially in epidemic prevention and medical treatment, flood control and disaster relief, etc., the movable property of generating sets is essential. So, what are the elements of a high quality mobile generator set?

  1. Stable performance

When we buy a mobile generator set, we should first consider the unit performance, that is, product quality, and then consider other factors. Only a high-quality generator set can quickly start up and provide stable power supply when you need it. If the generator set does not have good performance, it will not be able to provide guarantee for our power safety.

With advanced design, high mobility, low center of gravity and safe braking, Huaquan mobile generating set is a high performance generating set recognized by domestic and foreign markets.

  1. Smart environmental protection

In recent years, people’s awareness of environmental protection has been increasing, and the demand for environmental protection products has been increasing. In order to protect our blue sky and white clouds, Huaquan mobile generating unit strictly implements national environmental emission standards. Meanwhile, Huachun has independently developed the cloud intelligent control system, which can realize remote control of the generator set, intelligent maintenance, automatic start and stop and other functions, and is committed to creating a good user experience.

  1. Scientific noise reduction

A high quality mobile generator unit should not produce a lot of noise during operation, which will affect People’s Daily life. It should always keep silent. For this reason, after years of research and development, Through constant optimization and adjustment of production technology and selection of silent raw materials, Huachun has created a new type of mobile silent generator set, making “silent and mobile” power supply possible.

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