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After visiting HuaQuan digital chemical plant, the customer signed the contract for 600kW generator set on the spot


Continuous high temperature weather has made people deeply feel the scorching of summer. Air conditioning, electric fans and other summer essential artifacts have been on the stage, began to show their skills. However, some customers do not have enough power reserves, so they come to HuaQuan digital chemical plant to purchase generator sets to ensure the stable power supply in summer.

Recently, Fujian customers drove more than 1600 kilometers to HuaQuan power digital chemical plant. Accompanied by staff, they visited intelligent production workshop, R & D center, big data center and other places. After fully understanding the professional level and comprehensive strength of the enterprise, the customer signed an order contract for HuaQuan 600kW Yuchai generating set.

What makes customers satisfied is not only the product quality itself, but also the warm service of HuaQuan people. HuaQuan power staff according to the needs of customers, customized for them to create exclusive generating sets, let 100% meet the needs of users.

Choose HuaQuan, no worry about electricity!

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