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Always see people better than yourself, you are on the way up


01 Life is like a road, all the way hard, all the way scenery. Where you see is where you live. Always see better than their own people, that you are on the road; When you see people worse off than you, you’re going downhill. Better think of change than complain.


Doctrine three sentences, always have an optimistic state of mind and happy state of mind. The first sentence is forget it, there are many things in life, as long as you work hard, strive for, in fact, the result is not important. It doesn’t matter, because a positive and optimistic attitude is the first step to solve and overcome difficulties. No matter what difficulties we meet, we should face them with a positive attitude.


Maturity is a kind of bright but not dazzling light, a round and not be bored with ear ring, one is no longer needed to others sense of calm, a kind of finally closed to the complaint call to the atmosphere, a smile to ignore the noisy, a kind of washed the extreme indifference, a thick, don’t need to tell the height of a is not steep. — Yu Qiuyu, Notes on Mountain Dwelling

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