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Build a solid flood control safety barrier!


Flood control bears on the overall situation. Recently, flood control materials purchased by Jiangsu government departments in China have been delivered on schedule, including emergency generator sets, water pump sets and so on.

Plum blossoming in areas south of the Huaihe River in Jiangsu province has set the earliest record in the past 20 years, the Water Resources Department of Jiangsu said Tuesday. This year, the province’s flood control and drought relief situation is grim and complex, with the combination of early plum and drought conditions aggravating the pressure of “double-line operations”. To this end, relevant departments actively reserve flood control materials, build a solid safety barrier.

The responsibility for flood control is higher than Mount Tai, and the interests of the people are above all else. In the production of flood control materials, Huachuangquan carefully safety performance testing, strictly control the safety and quality of materials, to ensure that the emergency generator set, water pump set can play an important role in the critical moment.

Focus on achieving excellence! With rich experience in the production of flood control materials and numerous customer cases, Huachuang can provide customized services and contribute to the construction of a safe flood control network.

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