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Carry out fire drill to build safety line


In order to effectively strengthen the company’s safety management, enhance the staff safety awareness of production, jointly create a safe, healthy, orderly production and living environment. On June 27, China Full Power organized the “Safe production Month” fire drill.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the fire drill will be carried out in batches, and the main participants of the drill will be five teams from Huachun. This fire emergency drill is mainly carried out from the aspects of fire knowledge publicity, basic fire operation skills training and simulated fire escape drill.

Through this fire drill, all the staff of Huachen have gained an in-depth understanding of basic fire control knowledge and fire-fighting knowledge, improved their calm and calm psychological quality in the face of sudden fire and emergency response, further improved their fire safety awareness and fire-fighting skills, and created a good safety environment for the high-quality development of the enterprise.

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