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• A person who makes everyone better today will be no worse tomorrow. For true generosity to the future is to dedicate the most extraordinary effort to the present, to cherish the present.

• If you don’t work hard, no one will ever treat you fairly; Only after you work hard, have the resources, have the right to speak, you can have a fair chance for yourself.

• There is never a wasted effort or a chance success. As long as you take life seriously, one day, every effort you make will be brilliant.

• People are like this, the more there is no strength more love boast, the world only no strength of people, just hope others appreciate all day long.

• A cow that has been blown becomes a slap in the face, or a slap in the face of someone who looks down on him.

• If you are not willing to make a temporary effort to achieve success, you may have to spend a lifetime of patience to endure failure.

• Everyone has tough years, but most of the time those tough years turn out to be the best days of your whole life, if you survive them.

• Tears and sweat are chemically similar, but the former will only get you sympathy while the latter will win you success.

• Try hard, not to move anyone, not to show anyone, but to make yourself have the ability to jump out of the circle you hate at any time, and have the right to choose, with their own way of life.

• Don’t worry about what you’re afraid to happen, because it will come and go.

• put aside laziness, put the frustrated words, put the initiative to mention, put melodramatic heart, all want, have to rely on their own efforts to get.

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