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China equips the world with intelligent electric power equipment


In order to ensure the efficiency and capacity of storage, huacheng Digital workshop has established an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, realizing the whole process of intelligent storage. Three-dimensional warehouse application WMS management system, bar code and electronic label technology, and MES, ERP and other system data integration, to achieve fine and intelligent management of materials.

Digital collaborative design platform is an important platform for the efficient transformation of digital workshop from design to manufacturing. By designing software, simulation software and product lifecycle management (PLM) system, the combination of digital system design platform is established, based on experience from design and reasoning, sensitivity to structure, mechanical power, vibration, and so on carries on the simulation and analysis, to realize long distance remote collaborative design and product whole life cycle management.

Information and efficient collaboration is an important guarantee for the operation of digital workshop. ERP, PLM, MES and other information systems are integrated to realize the connection and sharing of production and manufacturing and related business systems and information. ERP system as the core, set the digital workshop information management platform, through production, logistics, purchasing, inventory, finance, etc. The whole process of information platform, and optimize the business process, improve the management efficiency and benefit, PLM adopts full lifecycle management system, from the market demand, product development and production of seamless connection, to the production assembly and MES system for digital development provides a large amount of data, such as strong support lean production.

In the future, Huaquan Power intelligent manufacturing digital workshop will continue to build an international leading digital factory relying on advanced technology innovation platform, continuously supply high-quality and efficient power equipment to the world, and strive to achieve the goal of Huaquan Power equipment China and equipment the world!

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