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Choose Huaquan generator set and enjoy four super value services!


As a professional generator set manufacturer, We not only provide users with high-quality products and professional technology, but also provide users with standardized, professional, diversified and all-round quality services through complete market service network.

Whether you choose Huachun diesel generator set, gasoline generator set, gas generator set, or Huachun Lithium battery energy storage equipment, you can enjoy the following four super value services:


Enjoy professional customized services

According to customers’ requirements, Huaquan will provide professional and personalized design solutions, including product design solutions and construction design solutions, etc., so as to reduce customers’ later investment costs and perfectly integrate Huaquan products with users’ needs.


Enjoy regular maintenance service

Huachun staff will carry out regular overhaul and maintenance of customer units through “online and offline” ways to ensure safe and stable operation of the units.


Enjoy home delivery service

With generators weighing tens of pounds to tens of tons, it is not easy to transport them to designated locations, especially in remote areas. To this end, Huachun actively builds its own logistics system to ensure that each generator unit can be delivered to the destination on time and safely.


Enjoy the national guarantee service

No matter which city you are in, as long as you are the customer of Huachuan, you can enjoy the professional service about the generator set, let you worry about after sales.

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