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Commissioning and acceptance of generator set for animal husbandry enterprises


As the standby power supply of animal husbandry enterprises, generator set is an important guarantee to deal with emergencies. In order to ensure the normal use of the generator set in animal husbandry and breeding enterprises, HuaQuan small editor thinks that it is very necessary to debug and check the generator set before it is put into operation.

Only after strict technical acceptance, when its safety, power characteristics, power quality, noise and other performance indicators meet the standards, can the generator set be put into normal use. The details are as follows:

1、 Acceptance of unit installation quality

The installation quality of the unit must meet the installation requirements of the generator unit, and these factors shall be mainly considered, such as the load of the foundation, the location of the pedestrian passage and maintenance, the vibration of the unit, ventilation and heat dissipation, the connection of the exhaust pipe, heat insulation, noise reduction, the size and location of the oil tank, as well as the relevant national and local building, environmental protection regulations and standards, etc. During the quality acceptance of the installation of the generator unit, the acceptance shall be carried out item by item according to the installation of the unit and the architectural design requirements of the machine room.

2、 Overall condition acceptance of unit

The generator set shall be free of oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage and other phenomena. All components and parts such as diesel engine, generator, control panel, distribution cabinet, etc. shall be intact and reliably connected, and their surfaces shall be free of obvious scratches and cracks.

3、 Acceptance before unit commissioning

Before the test, the commissioning environment shall be clean, tidy and free of sundries, and the unit’s smoke exhaust, oil discharge, water pipe, etc. shall be unobstructed. Then carefully check the functional integrity of the test equipment, check whether the test load, unit starting power supply, line break switch, etc. are in good condition. If any abnormality is found, the hidden danger shall be eliminated in time.

Only do enough preparation work, can we ensure the normal operation of the generator set for animal husbandry and breeding enterprises, and really be prepared.

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