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Cummins generator set these six taboos do not touch!


Enter summer, high temperature weather becomes normal, electric equipment increases accordingly. When using Cummins generator sets, Huaquan recommends you not to touch these six taboos.

Do not operate in accordance with standard procedures

In the use of Cummins generator sets, if the standard is ignored, illegal operation, will cause great safety hazards, serious will lead to major accidents.

The operating environment of unit 02 is not up to standard

It is hot and rainy in summer, so it is necessary to provide dry, ventilated, clean and hygienic working environment for the generator set operation to ensure the normal operation of the generator set.

Start continuously for a long time

Cummins generator long time continuous start will damage the battery, a start is not successful, should be restarted every few seconds.

04 just started high speed operation

The diesel engine runs at high speed immediately after starting, which is easy to cause rapid wear of all moving parts.

Add the oil directly to the cylinder

Although the oil added into the cylinder can play the role of sealing supercharging and increasing temperature, which is convenient for the diesel engine cooling start, the oil cannot be completely burned, which is easy to produce carbon deposition, which weakens the elasticity of the piston ring and decreases the sealing performance of the cylinder. In addition, this will accelerate the cylinder liner wear, resulting in the diesel engine power decline, making it more difficult to start the whole machine, so it is not possible to directly add the oil into the cylinder.

Not in time for maintenance

The standby emergency generator set is usually put into operation only when the power supply is missing, and is basically idle in normal times. But in idle should be regular maintenance of the generator set, timely replacement of oil, filters, etc. Only in this way, in order to ensure that the unit in need of a button to start.

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