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Disassembly and maintenance of diesel generator sets shall comply with the principles


In the process of using the diesel generator set, problems may occur to the diesel generator set due to the lack of maintenance of the generator set, long time overload operation, etc. When we disassemble and repair diesel generating sets, we must observe these five principles.

  1. Use tools appropriately. Professional tools must be used when disassembling, torque should be appropriate when tightening and disassembling screws, and force should be even when disassembling to prevent component damage caused by excessive force.
  2. Have a good command of the structure and working principle of the unit, and cannot act recklessly.
  3. Do not disassemble the parts that cannot be disassembled, but understand the specific structure of the parts.
  4. Do not arbitrarily expand the demolition scope, according to the contents and items of repair to determine, can not dismantle as far as possible.
  5. Disassembled parts should be placed in an orderly manner, not put together randomly. Parts that cannot be repaired for a long time should be treated as rust prevention.
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