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Do you have diesel generator set in your district?


Have you bought a house? It doesn’t matter whether you buy it or not, we are not selling house ~ ha ha!!!

When real estate developers are building real estate. For the fire safety of the community. Usually equipped with a dedicated fire diesel generator set.

It depends on whether the community you live in is qualified or not. Just see if it has “standby / emergency power”.

Where will be equipped with unit power supply?

Not any residential area will be equipped with generators. Commonly used are large high-rise residential areas. When an emergency occurs in real estate development (such as fire, earthquake, typhoon, etc.). The standby diesel generator set will replace the paralyzed power supply system. It has played an important role.

Someone asked: what kind of high-rise residential ?

Residential buildings with 10 floors and above. It is called high-rise residence. High rise housing is very common nowadays. Because the floor is high, it’s tiring to climb. So there are usually elevators to facilitate travel. Houses on the 12th floor and above. Each building will be designed with no less than 2 elevators. One elevator which can hold stretcher shall be set.

The property is high, good or bad, safety is not safe. Also look at the fire facilities, emergency power and elevators and other facilities.

Do high-rise buildings have to be equipped with generators? What are the requirements?

High rise residential buildings must be equipped with generator sets. To ensure that the elevator can run normally during power failure. When the fire control acceptance of residential quarters. This also needs to be checked. Usually, developers start designing drawings. There are rooms (such as basements) where generators are placed.

Setting requirements of standby unit power supply:

① Capacity configuration: the minimum requirement is to meet the power consumption of all fire fighting equipment and elevators within the main power supply scope.

② In terms of configuration, it is required to have the function of automatic and automatic switching between mains power supply and unit power supply.

If the mains power goes out. The fire diesel generator set must be started immediately within 30 seconds (adjustable). Power generation and switch on. After the normal power supply is restored. The unit should also stop generating and open within 30 seconds (adjustable). Make the city power supply normal.

③ Noise requirements: generally, the noise of generator set is about 95-105 dB. If the community has noise requirements. It’s going to be equipped with a sound box. Reduce the noise to 75 dB.

④ You must buy a machine with enough power. The quality must pass the standard. So it is very important to buy from professional and reliable manufacturers.

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