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Does the epidemic affect business? Huaquan relies on ten e-commerce companies to tide over the difficulties! Obtained thumb up from dazhong daily


On April 29, the popular journal published an article called “the epidemic, full power back 10 shandong China home appliance business smoothly through” articles, in-depth report on full power under the background of the influence of epidemic, adhere to innovation, grasp opportunities and accelerate the construction of digital factory, back to 10 home appliance giants, comprehensive implementation to return to work and production, contribute to promote regional economic development.

Now the original forward, please pay attention.

On April 8, Wan Desheng, a worker, was assembling a generator set according to online orders in the workshop of Shandong Huaquan Power Co. Although some procurement bid can not be carried out, the salesman can only run in the province, but The Power is not worried. Backed by nearly 10 e-commerce giants, the company has weathered the storm. In march, the Tmall flagship store alone saw turnover of 1.436 million yuan.

From opening its first store on taobao in 2013, to Tmall, ali, yihaodian and suning tesco, to becoming the first power generation equipment manufacturer in jingdong in 2015, huachuangdong has now realized the price from 2,000 yuan to 3 million yuan, with full power coverage. “Internet +” enables HWA Quan Power to rise rapidly. Only 10 years after its establishment, hWA Quan Power has developed into a Shandong Gazelle enterprise integrating the production, sales and service of intelligent power generation equipment and mobile energy storage equipment, achieving an annual compound growth rate of 40% and an annual main business income of 200 million yuan. In 2019, the sales volume of e-commerce platform accounts for 40% of the sales volume.

The high cost of after-sales service caused by the increasing number of users has brought “sweet troubles” to Huazhong Power. In 2016, Huachuang built a “cloud” end big data platform to provide personalized services for different user needs.

Zhu Jiaquan runs a pig farm in Qingyuan, Guangdong province, where a gas-fired generator broke down on Feb. 25. At this time, during the epidemic prevention and control period, the technical staff could not arrive in time, but he was not in a hurry. Instead, he took out his mobile phone and logged in the APP “Hua Quan Yun” to report for repair. In Weifang city, technician Liu Minglong also through background data analysis, the equipment for preliminary fault diagnosis. The video remote function made him feel as if he were on the spot. Zhu Jiaquan made a voice “inquiry” and Liu Minglong made a video “feeling the pulse”, which solved the problem in only 43 minutes. “This digital service guarantee is just different!” “Mr. Zhu said. “With big data and artificial intelligence, technicians can remotely control power generation equipment, perform GPS positioning, intelligent maintenance and AI big data fault diagnosis,” he said. China Full Power enterprise management department director Lou Hongwei “reveal secrets”, but also to achieve users “do not go out” for relevant business.

In the opinion of Zhao Lizeng, general manager of Huazhong, it is a magic weapon for small and medium-sized enterprises to deepen intelligent manufacturing and enhance endogenous power. “The chain of manufacturing servitization market is further extended. At present, the contribution rate of our manufacturing servitization to market development has reached 30%”.

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