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Don’t panic during the rainstorm, China water pump unit to help!


Torrential rain has seriously affected people’s normal life, not only causing damage to crops and farmland, but also leading to the inability of enterprises to arrange production normally. The rapid discharge of floods has become the most urgent problem in front of people.

At this time, the purchase of high quality pump unit is particularly important. Huachun pump unit has single stage centrifugal pump, multi-stage centrifugal pump, double suction centrifugal pump, double suction open pump, sewage pump, mixed flow pump, slurry pump, etc., with wide range of use, high working efficiency, very stable operation for a long time, providing important guarantee for rescue and relief.

In the purchase of the pump unit, please be sure to explain the flow, head, and medium. We will be customized for you according to your requirements, such as in the choice of the material of the pump, usually choose cast iron impeller, corrosive or large particles to choose stainless steel impeller. Since the pump unit is customized, in order not to delay your normal use, please order in advance.

Huazhong 70KW self-priming sewage pump unit

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