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Don’t worry! Before starting the gas generator set, do these five things well


Gas generator set is different from diesel generator set. In the process of using, we need to pay attention to many points. In case of carelessness, it may affect the normal operation of the unit. Even threaten the personal safety of staff. The smooth start-up of the unit is the first step of the work. Only start the unit correctly. Then we can carry out the next work. Before starting the unit, check the unit as follows:

1. Check the gas supply pipeline

Check the gas supply pipeline for air leakage. In case of air leakage, the fault shall be eliminated in time. Pay attention before finishing the preparatory work. Do not open the gas valve. In case of gas emission, alarm will be triggered and normal startup will be affected.

2. Check the water mist conveying system

If the gas generator set is equipped with water mist transmission system. It is necessary to check whether the system status is normal.

3. Check whether the oil level and quality are normal

In case of any abnormality, it shall be added or replaced in time. Pay attention to clean the filter screen and respirator before adding oil. Replace the filter element if necessary.

4. Check whether the air source pressure gauge index is normal

5. Check the cooling water

Check whether the coolant level and quality are normal. When the outside environment is below 5 ℃. It is necessary to preheat the coolant to above 20 ℃ before starting the machine.

The above five points mentioned by HuaQuan generator set manufacturer. It is related to whether the gas generator set can be started normally. It also affects the follow-up operation of gas generating units. Not a little sloppy. So before starting the unit. Be sure to do the corresponding inspection. So that problems can be found in time. Create a good working condition for the unit.

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