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Emergency measures for careless water inflow of generator for environmental protection in rainy season


In summer, there are continuous torrential rain, and some of the environmental protection generators used outdoors are not covered timely in rainy days. If the diesel generator set is wet, do not take care of it in time. It will cause rust, corrosion and damage of generator set. When the circuit is damped by water, the insulation resistance is reduced, and there is a risk of breakdown and short circuit burning. Thus, the service life of generator set is shortened. So how to do after the diesel generator set is wet by rain?

1. First, wash the surface of diesel engine with water to remove soil and debris. Then use metal cleaning agent or washing powder to remove the surface oil.

2. Support one end of the diesel engine so that the oil drain part of the oil pan is at a lower position. Screw the drain plug and pull out the oil dipstick to make the water in the oil pan flow out by itself. When the flow is just about to drain the oil, let the oil and water drain part together, and then screw on the drain plug.

3. Remove the air filter of diesel generator set. Remove the upper shell of the filter, take out the filter element and other components, and remove the water in the filter. Clean all parts with metal cleaner or diesel oil. The filter is made of plastic foam. Wash it with detergent or soapy water (prohibit petrol). Then rinse with water and dry. Then soak in proper amount of engine oil (squeeze dry by hand after immersion). When replacing the new filter, oil immersion should be carried out as well. The filter element is made of paper and should be replaced with a new one. After cleaning and drying all parts of the filter, install them as required.