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enterprise honor of Huaquan


Qilu equity trading center listed companies 171006 national high and new technology enterprise national intellectual property advantage enterprises in shandong province gazelle high-end equipment manufacturing industry leading enterprises in shandong weifang intelligent manufacturing enterprise weifang benchmarking intelligent manufacturing model enterprise intelligent environment-friendly power generation equipment engineering laboratory of weifang weifang weifang diesel generating sets of industrial design center intelligent network control system engineering technology research center of weifang diesel generator intelligent manufacturing service platform research and development and application of information technology research center of weifang industrialization and information fusion cultivate enterprise weifang a enterprise technology R&d center demonstration enterprise member of weifang weifang enterprise technology center experts workstation weifang economic development zone, advanced enterprise weifang economic development zone, the compassion of weifang intelligence unit of director of association of Chinese circular economy technology association director unit generator set industry alliance director unit was awarded in 2019 was awarded the fourth mayor weifang weifang patent award cup industrial design competition second priz

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