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“Epidemic prevention” and “promotion” are both correct, and online training in China is under way


Recently, huachun has been actively adjusting the training methods, making full use of Internet resources, and moving all kinds of training online with the help of huachun cloud platform, enterprise WeChat and other scientific and technological means, so as to ensure that both “epidemic prevention” and “promotion” are correct and the “epidemic prevention period” is transformed into “promotion period”.

In order to effectively carry out online training, Huachun Training Center will accelerate the development and application of “Huachun Cloud” learning system, and open the learning resources accumulated in the early stage to all employees of the company, so that they can improve their learning anytime and anywhere.

At the same time, the company makes full use of system resources to carry out online answering function, dissolves and clarifies the knowledge points required for each position, and makes study plans in combination with specialty and position, so as to promote learning through online examination and strengthen employees’ mastery of professional knowledge of this position.

Huachuan also mobilizes employees to learn and communicate professional knowledge by means of “video conference”, conducts technical lectures and communicates problems online, and keeps the daily training of grassroots teams “offline”.

At the same time, the company makes full use of the network learning resources to carry out rich content and practical special lectures through a variety of ways, and specially arrange many lectures on the content of psychological adjustment, in order to protect the mental health of employees.

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