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Exploring the green development road of power equipment industry with recycling technology


In winter, haze often occurs, which seriously affects our lives. In order to effectively control air pollution, HuaQuan has been approved to establish Weifang intelligent environmental protection power generation equipment engineering laboratory to promote the green development of power generation industry through the development of recycling technology.

In order to effectively prevent and control the haze weather, HuaQuan focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent environmental protection power generation equipment from its main business, applies the recycling technology to the actual products, and achieves phased success.

For example, HuaQuan gas-fired power generation equipment is mainly composed of engines from famous manufacturers such as Yuchai, Shangchai, Weichai, Cummins, Volvo, etc., and HuaQuan generator, intelligent control system, etc. by using natural gas or harmful gas as fuel, the effective cycle of turning waste into treasure is realized, with safe and convenient operation, high cost-effectiveness and low emission pollution.

In addition, HuaQuan has also developed and applied the recycling technology in-depth, developed a high-end intelligent environmental protection gas power generation equipment with double waste heat recovery, effectively recycled and utilized the waste heat generated by itself, reduced exhaust gas emissions, effectively prevented and controlled air pollution, and opened up a green development path for the power equipment industry.

As a national high-tech enterprise, national intellectual property advantage enterprise, Shandong gazelle enterprise, Shandong high-end equipment manufacturing industry leader enterprise, Weifang intelligent manufacturing benchmark enterprise, Weifang intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprise, Weifang Economic Development Zone advanced enterprise, HuaQuan is a professional manufacturer of intelligent power equipment, with the qualification of professional contracting of construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering, etc., and has been in Establish a good brand image in the international energy equipment market.

HuaQuan, the power solution expert beside you, can tailor its own products according to the needs of customers.

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