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Flood control and power protection during!


Recently, the flood control materials developed and produced by Hua Quan Power for the government departments have started to be delivered in succession, and a large number of emergency generating units have been transported to the designated places, so as to do the work of flood control and power protection well in advance.

Severe convective weather, external damage and other events in summer are easy to cause multiple circuit tripping at the same time, which seriously threatens the safety of power system. During peak summer, typhoon, thunderstorm, flood, geological disaster and external damage may affect the safety of power grid. In order to do a good job in flood control and power protection, government departments purchased a large number of Huachun emergency generating units.

In addition to the basic configuration of high-end engines and generators, Huaquan emergency generating set is also equipped with personalized configuration such as rain-proof shelter, mobile trailer and Huaquan cloud platform, which can realize remote operation and maintenance, automatic start and stop, intelligent maintenance, flexible movement, safety and moisture-proof and other functions.

Choose Hua quan emergency generator set to help you worry about power!

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