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Function of diesel generator set filter


The performance of a generator set is not only related to its manufacturing process. Also with the various filters matching the generator set has made up the relationship can be divided. Today, I will take you to understand the role of various diesel generator set filters. ems.

Oil filter

The performance of the oil filter directly affects the performance of the generator set and plays a key role in the normal operation of the generator set. The oil filter produced by generator set manufacturer has high filtering precision, small flow resistance and long service life. There are also innovative design of the full flow shunt composite filter and the world’s leading level of centrifugal rotor filter. On the premise of ensuring the performance of the generator set, provide maximum protection for the generator set to reduce your maintenance costs.

Air filter

The air filter filters all kinds of impurities in the air to ensure that clean air enters the generator set, so that the combustion is more sufficient and the air system is unobstructed. High quality air filter is an important part to ensure the normal operation of generator set. Generator set manufacturers provide a variety of high-quality air filters, filter elements and accessories, widely used in various commercial vehicles, passenger cars, construction machinery, mining machinery, generator sets and other fields. Kangda electromechanical adopts high-quality raw materials, the most advanced technology and careful design to meet the strict requirements of various customers for air filters.

Air pre filter

Air pre filter is widely used in places with high dust concentration such as construction site, mine and desert. The installation of air pre filter in the air intake system can greatly reduce the dust and impurities entering the air filter, greatly extend the service life of the air filter, and provide strong protection for the generator set, improve the performance of the generator set and reduce the maintenance cost. Our air pre filter adopts American patent technology, which has the advantages of low flow resistance and high efficiency. And according to the needs of customers, we can provide air pre filters with various flow rates and forms.

Fuel filter

The fuel filter filters all kinds of impurities and water in the fuel to protect the normal operation of the generator set. It is one of the important parts in the generator set system. The fuel filter made of patented filter material by the generator set manufacturer has the advantages of high filtering accuracy, high oil-water separation efficiency and long service life, which provides the best protection for the generator set and reduces your maintenance costs.

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