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Generator set purchase knowledge: remember these three points, very practical!


When we buy generator set, we must go to regular manufacturer to buy. This can ensure product quality and follow-up service. In addition, you should also remember the following three points, which are helpful for you to purchase the unit.

1、Define the contents of its own budget, load power and use environment, and select the generator set purposefully.

Before purchasing the generator set, make sure your budget and load power. According to the actual situation, select the corresponding configuration.

2. Please believe in “one price, one goods”!

For the generator set, the product quality is directly proportional to its price. In the purchase, do not just consider the price factor, product quality is the most important.

After all, you buy Generators not to save money, but to get stable power.

3. Carefully check the label and certificate of generator set.

A qualified generator set should be equipped with label, product certificate and other contents. These are the ID cards of the generator set, which can be used to view various data indicators of the unit.

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