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Harm of inferior engine lubricating oil to diesel generator set


Diesel generator set has been famous all over the world for its strong power, high reliability and long service time. The price of reliable and durable generator set is higher. Some customers paid a high price for the diesel generator set. However, due to the neglect of some small problems. Cause damage to the unit. After the investigation of the generator set manufacturer. One of the most common mistakes customers make is to buy inferior engine oil.

1. The viscosity temperature characteristics and oxidation resistance of inferior engine lubricating oil are poor

Low temperature viscosity of inferior engine lubricating oil is too high. It makes the time between the engine lubricating oil pump and the parts of the unit longer. As a result, the dry friction time of the unit is prolonged. High temperature viscosity is too thin. Oil film with sufficient strength cannot be formed. All of these will lead to the increase of unit wear. At the same time, the inferior engine lubricating oil is easily oxidized and deteriorated in high temperature environment. Lose its function.

2. The detergency and dispersion of inferior engine lubricating oil are poor

Low quality engine lubricating oil can not absorb the dust in the air when the unit is working. After cleaning and burning. However, it is easy to oxidize to form colloid. When combined with other impurities, more carbon deposits are formed. Cause poor lubrication and wear. Fuel consumption increases and power decreases. In severe cases, the oil passage will be blocked. It causes cylinder pulling, tile holding and other consequences.

3. Poor quality engine lubricating oil has poor acid resistance and neutralization ability, and high sulfur content

The unit is in operation. Water is produced when fuel is burned. When water cannot be removed and evaporated away from the fuel oil. The sulfide formed after combustion reacts to form acid. Acid corrosion to the unit.

Therefore, the selection of engine lubricating oil for diesel generator set must be strictly controlled. The use of inferior engine lubricating oil will do great harm to the unit. If you accidentally buy inferior engine oil. Never use it for fear of waste. If used, it will bring you greater losses.

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