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Heavy rain weather The Huachun generator set started up in an emergency


According to Huazhong, on June 5, the Guangxi Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a yellow alert for heavy rain, nanning, Liuzhou, Baise and other places issued a yellow alert, orange alert for heavy rain. A total of 252 lines of 10 kV or above in Guangxi power grid had been suspended by severe convection weather as of 6 PM Saturday, with 508,600 users without power. After emergency repair by the power grid company, 423,000 households have been restored to power due to power failure.

In response to this emergency, the staff of China Full Power urgently contacted the local users, asked about the use of the generator set, patiently answered the users’ questions, and learned about the operation of the unit in real time through the Cloud platform of China Full Power, so as to ensure the power protection for the normal production and life of the users.

At the same time, Huachun actively started the emergency plan and assigned professionals to rush to the scene immediately to overhaul and maintain the generator set for users on the premise of ensuring safety, so as to help users tide over the difficulties smoothly until the power supply is restored to normal.

Huaquan generator manufacturers remind everyone to use diesel, gasoline, gas and other generators in extreme weather conditions, to pay attention to the safety of electricity.

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