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How do data centers choose generator set? HuaQuan answers your questions


With the wide application of Internet technology, data center, as a platform supporting information application, plays an increasingly important role.

Power supply is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of IT equipment in the data center. Once the power supply fails in the data center, the consequences caused by data loss will be catastrophic.

Therefore, the emergency diesel generator set is one of the indispensable equipment in the data center.

In the event of municipal power failure, the ups or high-voltage DC backup battery in the data center enters the discharge mode to maintain the continuity of IT equipment power supply.

At the same time, the diesel generator set configured in the data center starts and completes parallel operation quickly, providing power guarantee for the whole data center.

The diesel generator set used in the data center shall pay attention to the daily maintenance, extend the service life of the unit and guarantee the data center.

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