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How many barrels of oil does the unit need for emergency diesel generators?


Diesel generator is a common emergency power supply. In addition to the common use of spare parts in production and operation, it is also widely used in home business districts and other places. Because it is an emergency generator set, it is usually necessary to check the status of the unit regularly. Ensure reliable operation when required. In addition, enough diesel oil needs to be prepared to meet the demand.

How many barrels of diesel oil do enterprises need to prepare for diesel generators?

This needs to be calculated according to the power and fuel consumption rate of the generator set.

We assume that the duration of fire in a warehouse is 3 hours. The calculation is based on the fuel consumption of generator per kilowatt hour of about 0.25L. 100kW generator set needs to be prepared: 100 * 0.25 * 3 = 75L diesel. (please consult the manufacturer for the value of 0.25L in the formula.)

Is there any requirement for diesel storage?

Consult the manufacturer when purchasing the generator set. Whether the oil drum is included in the order product. If not, additional purchase is required. For the large amount of diesel products stored in the company, please refer to the relevant standards for storage. Pay attention to fire protection when storing fuel oil. Avoid inflammable and explosive materials around. Just store enough diesel. A little more fuel can be a little more dangerous. It also increases the workload of the company’s normal management.

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