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How much does it cost to have a generator set?


The generator set is not new to many people. It is a mechanical equipment that uses the engine as the driving force to drive the generator to generate electricity and convert the kinetic energy into electric energy and heat energy. It is widely used in mines, railways, field construction sites, hospitals, banks and other units to provide people with important power guarantee.

So, how much does it cost to have a generator set? Please listen to HuaQuan factory for your professional analysis.

I believe that this is a problem that many users need to think about when purchasing. Let’s start with the factors that affect the price of the generator and explain them in detail.

1. Brand. Famous generators such as HuaQuan, Shangchai, Yuchai and Cummins have the advantages of long service life, low oil consumption, strong power, stable operation, safety and environmental protection, but there are some differences in pricing between different brands.

In terms of cost performance, HuaQuan is undoubtedly the best of many brands.

2. Configuration. There are a lot of generator set configurations. In addition to the standard configuration, there are also optional configurations (the cost is calculated separately), such as mobile trailers, rain shelters, automation, static speakers, etc. the unit prices for different configurations are also different, and the user should select the appropriate unit configuration according to the specific needs.

3. Quality. The price of the generator set is directly proportional to the product quality, and the input cost of high-quality products is also relatively high. In addition to the cost of raw materials and human resources, more is the R & D input cost. Therefore, we need to choose regular manufacturers that stand the test of the market, such as HuaQuan, to ensure the quality of products.

4. After sales service. The perfection of after-sales service also has a certain impact on the price of generator set. For example, whether the spare parts and consumables are sufficient, whether the after-sales service team is professional, and whether the response is timely will affect the later use cost.

HuaQuan has an experienced and skilled after-sales service team. Each branch has a 24-hour service hotline, equipped with technical backbones, to solve problems for customers at any time.

With rigorous, pragmatic, honest and responsible working attitude and the business philosophy of “customer-oriented, continuous innovation”, HuaQuan has enjoyed a high reputation among peers at home and abroad after years of efforts.

HuaQuan, the power solution expert beside you, can tailor its own products according to the needs of customers.

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