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How to choose the emergency generating unit for flood control?


Since 2019, the global climate situation has deviated greatly in general, and the situation of flood and drought disaster prevention is not optimistic. The rainy season is coming, so the diesel generator set for flood control needs to be prepared.

As an emergency diesel generator set for flood control, it is usually used in a bad environment, with a lot of rainwater, and requires a high response speed. In view of this special requirement, it is suggested to select brand generator set as power source. The brand generator set adopts the latest technology and high-strength wear-resistant materials to ensure the first-class quality.

HuaQuan generator set is equipped with rain proof trailer, which can arrive at the disaster relief site in time and effectively, and the use in rainy days will not be affected.

Water pump units can also be selected for flood control emergency units. The types of water pumps include self-priming water pump unit, sewage pump unit, mixed flow pump unit, double suction middle opening pump unit, etc.

In order to facilitate the use of disaster relief at night, mobile lighthouses can also be selected as the mobile emergency lighting for flood control and disaster relief. HuaQuan power suggests to choose the generator set produced by regular manufacturers.

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