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How to choose the power of diesel generator set


Generator selection: according to the apparent power to calculate the load = generator capacity. For example, if the full load is 100kW and the power factor after reactive power compensation is 0.9, then the calculated load is 100 / 0.9 = 111kva, and the generator above 111kw can be selected.

The output power of diesel generator set is 0.8 times of that of actual generator set. In this way, it can not only keep the generator set from overload operation, but also ensure that the generator set will not run at low load for a long time. So as to prolong the service life of diesel generator set.

When selecting diesel generator set. You can calculate the load you need in advance. Then according to the load size to choose the generator set.

1. First of all, the generator power is divided into KVA and kW. KVA is the apparent power and kW is the effective power. The relationship between them is 1kVA = 0.8kw. The power unit of imported units is generally expressed in KVA, while the domestic electrical equipment is generally expressed in kW. Therefore, when calculating the power, the KVA should be converted into kW.

2. Secondly, the power is divided into long line (rated) power and backup power. Long line power is the power that the generator can run continuously for 12 hours. The reserve power can only run for one hour in 12 hours continuous operation.

3. In addition, to determine the power of the generator set is not simply to add all the power of the electrical appliances, but also need to consider the starting mode of the electrical appliances. The starting current of the former is about 6 times of the working current and the instantaneous power will reach 6 times of the rated power. The starting current of the latter is about 3 times, and the instantaneous power is 3 times of the rated power. Therefore, in order to select the power of generator set, the starting power of each consumer should be considered in addition to the sum of the power of all consumers.

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