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How to control the noise of diesel generator set?


There will be a lot of noise in the use of diesel generator set. So in general, how do we control the noise of diesel generator set? The following section introduces the following methods:

1. Sound box

Put the diesel generator set into a low noise speaker. It can reduce noise and prevent rain.

2. Smoke exhaust and noise elimination

The noise is eliminated by two residential mufflers of the original diesel generator set. The smoke after silencing is combined into a Φ 450mm smoke pipe. Discharge upward from the exhaust louver.

3. Soundproof room

The sound insulation room with the size of 8.0m × 3.0m × 3.5m is installed at the position of diesel generator set. The outer wall of sound insulation board is 1.2mm galvanized sheet. The inner wall is 0.8mm perforated plate, and the middle filler is 32kg / m3 superfine glass wool. The concave surface of channel steel is filled with glass wool.

4. Air intake silencing

Install natural air intake muffler on the top of sound insulation room. The production of muffler is the same as that of exhaust muffler. The net noise elimination length is 1.0m, and the section size is 3.4m × 2.0m. The thickness of the anechoic film is 200 mm and the spacing is 200 mm. The muffler is connected with an unlined 90 ° muffler elbow with a length of 1.2m.

5. Exhaust noise

Diesel generator sets rely on their own fan exhaust. AES type rectangular muffler is installed in the front of exhaust room. The size of muffler is 1.2m × 1.1m × 0.9m. The thickness of the muffler is 200 mm and the spacing is 100 mm. The structure of the anechoic sheet is galvanized perforated plate sandwiched with ultra-fine glass wool on both sides. Nine mufflers of the same size are assembled into a 1.2m × 3.3m × 2.7m large muffler. Exhaust louvers of the same size shall be set 300 mm in front of the muffler.

The above is about how to control the noise of diesel generator set. I hope it can be used for reference and help.

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