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How to maintain the radiator of diesel generator set water tank?


When the diesel generator set is working. The pressure cap should be closed. So as not to hinder the normal operation of the cooling system. Always check the coolant level in the radiator of the water tank. Replenish cooling in time. Low coolant level will affect the cooling effect of the system. The cavitation of diesel engine is aggravated. Pay attention to safety when adding coolant to prevent steam injury.

So how do we usually maintain the radiator? HuaQuan technical personnel made the following summary on this problem:

1. Cleaning of water radiator

The radiator of water tank needs regular maintenance. To ensure the heat exchange between coolant and air. In general, the diesel engine works every 500 hours. The exterior and interior of radiator of water tank shall be cleaned. Clean the internal scale and precipitated impurities. Drain the water in the radiator first. Then use water with a certain pressure (such as tap water). Insert the radiator core. Until the water is clean.

2. Maintenance of water radiator

The radiator of the water tank has been used for a period of time. If there is leakage, solder can be used to repair. Some pipes are seriously damaged and cannot be repaired. It is allowed to block the pipe. However, the number of blocked tubes should not be more than three. Otherwise, the outlet water temperature of diesel engine may exceed the allowable range.

3. Daily precautions

The pressure cap is arranged on the water filling port of the radiator of the water tank. The pressure of the system can be increased to a certain range. The boiling point of the coolant is increased. The system can work normally at high temperature and certain altitude. At the same time, the cavitation resistance of diesel engine and water pump is improved. A steam valve and an air valve are arranged in the pressure cover. When the positive pressure or negative pressure in the radiator of the water tank exceeds the specified value. The valve in the pressure cover will open automatically, so as to achieve the purpose of steam discharge or air entry.

The radiator of water tank should be cleaned and maintained in time. Pay attention to daily maintenance. Ensure that the generator set can be used for a long time.

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