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How to make your diesel generator set more fuel efficient?


How to save fuel for your car must be known to all. But how to make your diesel generator set more fuel efficient?

How can diesel generator set save diesel oil. The following is a brief introduction:

1. Increase the temperature of diesel engine cooling water.

The higher the water temperature, the more complete combustion of diesel. The oil viscosity of diesel generator set will be small. Can reduce movement resistance. It can save oil.

2. Keep the best supply angle.

If the oil supply angle deviates. It will cause the oil supply time to be too late and the fuel consumption will increase.

3. Ensure that the machine does not leak oil.

The oil pipe of diesel engine often has uneven joint surface. The gasket is deformed or the damaged surface has loopholes. The way to deal with it is. Coat the gasket with valve paint and grind it flat on the glass plate. Oil pipe joint. The diesel oil recovery device is added. Plastic pipe can be used to connect the oil return pipe on the nozzle with the hollow screw. Allow the return oil to flow into the tank.

4. The oil should be purified before use.

More than half of the faults of diesel engine come from fuel supply system. The way to deal with it is. The bought diesel oil is put aside for sedimentation for 2-4 days before use. 98% impurities can be precipitated. If you buy and use now, you can put two layers of silk cloth or toilet paper at the oil tank filter screen.

5. The belt pulley of diesel engine should be increased properly by changing the big horse pulling car.

When the diesel engine runs at a reduced speed, the speed of water pump is increased. The flow rate and lift are increased to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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