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How to operate 20kW diesel generator set correctly and safely? Remember these points


Operating procedures

1. Operators shall be specially trained. It is necessary to fully understand the structure, performance and function of the generator set and its auxiliary equipment. Familiar with operation and maintenance procedures, and pass the examination. It can be operated separately.

2. Do not operate the unit after drinking. Operators are not allowed to do anything unrelated to operation. Start each time can not exceed 12 seconds. No more than three consecutive starts are allowed. The interval shall not be less than 2 minutes. If it is not started successfully for three times. Find out the fault. After the fault is eliminated, start it again.

Run job

1. Operators should stick to their posts.

2. During power transmission, the construction personnel should be contacted well. After getting a clear transmission signal, the synonym can turn on the main power supply.

3. The machine is in operation. Pay close attention to the indication value of relevant instruments of engine and generator set. Immediately take measures or shut down the machine to deal with the abnormality.

4. During operation, it is not allowed to maintain and adjust the operating mechanism. Do not open the power control box when delivering power.


1. According to the shutdown operation procedure. Stop the machine in turn.

2. Make relevant records and shift work.

3. Return the accessories and tools to their original places. Close all the doors and fasten the lid.

4. The generator set shall be reliably hung on the hook of the main vehicle. Turn on the brake and brake tail light. Relax the handbrake.

5. Check that the tire pressure is adequate. Whether the leaf spring is broken.

6. Whether the fasteners of walking part are reliable. Whether the moving parts are flexible.

7. Whether there is sufficient grease for each lubricating part. Check and fill it all once. If everything is checked correctly, you can lead.


1. Store in a dry place. The temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃. When storing, use wood block to pad between the frame and the ground. Reduce tire and leaf spring load during storage. It is forbidden to put acid and alkali products in the same room.

2. The exposed metal processing surface must be coated and protected during storage. Fill all lubricating parts with lubricating oil. Remove the battery and store it separately.

3. Check once a month. If corrosion is found. It should be removed in time and oil seal should be carried out again.

4. Generally, there is no oil seal inside the diesel engine. It can be started from time to time during storage. Keep the inside of the cylinder dry. To avoid corrosion. During storage, the intake and exhaust ports of the engine should be sealed tightly. To prevent moisture and dust invasion.

Mastering the above aspects, scientific use of 20kW diesel generator set, correct and safe operation, is conducive to extending the service life of the generator set and reducing the use cost.

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