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How to reduce the environmental pollution of diesel generator set?


Green and sustainable development is the general trend of industrial development in modern society. In the generator set industry. People hope that diesel generator set has good performance. We also hope to reduce environmental pollution. How to effectively control the pollution emission of diesel generator set. It has become the research focus of the major diesel generator set manufacturers in the industry. In fact, the pollution emission control of diesel generator set can start from the intake system. The following small series to HuaQuan diesel generator set as an example to introduce to you.

The intake system of diesel generator set mainly sends the air filtered by dust and impurities into the cylinder. Through the improvement of intake system. It can effectively control the amount of air entering. In order to reduce the air pollution after combustion. According to the relevant knowledge in the industry and many years of diesel generator research experience. The following two improvement methods can be adopted:

1. Adopt variable swirl intake system

The intensity of intake swirl has great influence on NOx emission. Variable swirl intake system is adopted. The eddy current intensity is controlled according to the change of speed and load. No production can be reduced without sacrificing economy.

2. Using multi valve technology

The total flow cross-sectional area of intake and exhaust valves can be enlarged by using multi valve technology. Generally, four valves per cylinder are used: two intake valves and two exhaust valves. The charge coefficient increases. The injector can be arranged vertically on the cylinder axis. It is conducive to the uniform distribution of fuel in the combustion chamber space. The mixture formation and combustion conditions are greatly improved. The law of heat release is more reasonable. The emission of NOx in the exhaust gas sensitivity decreases. CO emissions also decreased. Moreover, the soot also decreased significantly under heavy load.

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