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How to use generator set to save fuel?


The diesel generator set is in use. There are always some failures. For example, most people can solve the problem by themselves. But do you know how to save diesel? Now listen to what the generator set manufacturer says.

1、 Wrap toilet paper around the filter.

Wrap 2-3 layers of toilet paper on the filter element of diesel engine oil. It can improve the cleanliness of engine oil and reduce fuel consumption.

2、 The diesel generator set is equipped with an oil saving and smoke reducing device.

Reduce fuel smoke detector vertically fixed to oil. At the front of the fuel injection pump. Connect to a DC power supply. It can reduce environmental pollution and save about 5% of fuel.

3、 The generator set is installed with return pipe.

When the diesel engine is connected with medium and high pressure oil pipes. The return oil can enter the low-pressure oil pipeline. The normal combustion is ensured and the oil saving effect is remarkable.