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Huachun Digital factory general control Center to explain


The whole process of plant operation includes five major parts, including ERP(enterprise resource planning), PLM(product life cycle management), MES (manufacturing execution system), Logistics and Automation.

The general control center has completed the data collection of each link of the digital factory, and presented it in the form of text, diagram or video. Through the APPLICATION of SCADA(Supervision and Data Collection System, SUPERVISION and YControland DataAcquisition) system, the MES system and various kinds of equipment are effectively connected, centralized control on the operation status, process parameters and production data of all on-line and off-line equipment during the production process, and the scheduling and remote operation of on-line equipment are realized according to the production tasks.

Here, we can observe the running state of equipment, processing state of production line, quality test data, production process data, key material information and other contents in real time, and master the whole process of product life cycle.

Here, each kind of business data can be analyzed and summarized to form various required reports, such as production report, material report, quality report and equipment report, etc. It can also query and monitor the business information related to production in real time. The production information includes production plan, production schedule, etc. The quality information includes quality KPI(key performance indicator) key indicators, development trend, etc. The material information includes material preparation, consumption and other information.

Factory through digital means to replace previous management mode based on manual, paper, planned management, manufacturing resources management, material management, process monitoring, document management, and the content such as organically integrated together, form a complete set of management to achieve on-site transparency and fine management, improve the management efficiency and level, here we can clearly see the results of digital factory all.

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