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Huachun Digital Factory realizes “Two upgrades and three downgrades”


In recent years, with the change of manufacturing mode and the development of information technology, the intelligent manufacturing mode represented by the construction of digital factory is accelerating.

The construction of Huachun digital factory mainly includes the following contents:

  1. Digital modeling of overall design, process flow and layout of the workshop;
  2. Based on 3d model product design and simulation, establish product data management system (PDM), numerical simulation of key manufacturing processes and visual simulation of machining and assembly;
  3. Highly integrated with advanced sensing, control, inspection, assembly, logistics and intelligent process equipment and production management software;
  4. Efficient coordination and integration of field data acquisition and analysis system, workshop manufacturing Execution system (MES), product life cycle management (PLM) and enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

With digital factory as the target, information management system and operation and maintenance operating system fusion platform as the carrier, intelligent key manufacturing links as the core, end-to-end data flow as the foundation, supported by connectivity, etc., Huacai intelligent manufacturing helps enterprises to achieve “two upgrades, three downsides”. “Two upgrades and three downgrades” mainly refer to the indicators that serve the key operations of the enterprise. “Two improvements” refers to the significant increase in production efficiency and the comprehensive utilization rate of resources. The “three reductions” refer to the significant reduction in the development cycle, the significant reduction in operating costs, and the substantial reduction in the rate of defective products.

As the representative of “new infrastructure”, Huachun digital factory is helping enterprises to accelerate industrial transformation and boost regional economic development with vigorous vitality.

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