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HuaQuan 500kW generator set delivery


In July, the number of orders for various products in HuaQuan reached a record high.

In order to timely deliver generator sets, water pump units, lithium battery energy storage equipment and other related products. HuaQuan people actively coordinate with each other. Optimize the production process. Improve working methods. Work overtime to complete production tasks.

It provides an important guarantee for improving production efficiency. It has laid a foundation for the efficient completion of various tasks.

Recently, HuaQuan has customized 500kW silent generator set for customers. All tests were passed successfully. It has been sent to the customer’s designated place.

Quality products bring quality experience. HuaQuan 500kW silent generator set. In silence, environmental protection, intelligence, safety and other aspects are done more outstanding. It fully shows the R & D strength and technological level of the enterprise. It has effectively played a leading role in the industry.

In the case of a sudden loss of electricity. HuaQuan 500kW silent generator set can be started intelligently. Provide uninterrupted power supply for users after the power supply returns to normal. The crew will shut down automatically. There is no need for human participation in the whole process. Create “efficient and convenient” experience for users.

Choose HuaQuan, no worry about electric power!

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