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HuaQuan biogas generator set helps a better life


Saving money and environmental protection

Biogas power generation technology has been fully valued and widely used in many countries. At present, Germany is one of the most successful countries in the development of biogas projects in the world. Most of the biogas projects realize power generation on the Internet. 98% of biogas projects are cogeneration projects.The waste heat of power generation is used for heating the biogas digester.

Biogas digester

China’s biogas power generation industry has a bright future.Biogas production potential is large, power generation technology level is high, market demand and policy oriented development trend is good.

Introduce biogas power generation technology. Extended the industrial chain. The overall technical level of biogas project has been improved.Generating electricity through biogas can bring certain financial returns.

What are the uses of biogas power generation?

It can directly convert biogas into electricity. Solve the problem of power consumption in the farm. Avoid secondary pollution caused by biogas evacuation. Promote the circular development of regional economy. It can protect the ecological environment.

HuaQuan 250KW biogas generator set

HuaQuan biogas generator set selects well-known domestic and foreign brand engines (such as Yuchai, Shangchai, Cummins, Volvo, etc.), adopts imported sensors, etc., and carries HuaQuan cloud intelligent control system, which has the advantages of strong power, stable power supply, intelligent environmental protection, and safety saving. HuaQuan biogas generator set, to provide you with clean energy, save operating costs, and contribute to a better life.

HuaQuan, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent power equipment, is the power overall solution expert beside you.

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