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HuaQuan cloud platform


HuaQuan cloud platform is a high-tech generator technical service system built on the basis of standardized services. HuaQuan cloud service system consists of remote speed transmission system, data center, server and service center. The wireless transmission mode is used to access the Internet, which can remotely watch the standby and operation of the generator set all day long, and automatically process the data of the unit all day long, so that the unit can operate efficiently. In case of potential hidden danger or failure, the system will automatically send an alarm or alarm to HuaQuan cloud service system within 10 seconds, and the service center will deal with the potential problems in the fastest way within 10 minutes, so as to avoid damage to the equipment, causing unnecessary property loss and affecting the use of customers.

In daily maintenance and management, according to the data of unit operation, HuaQuan cloud service system will automatically sort out and archive the data, and we will send professional technical engineers to deal with what needs to be done during maintenance. We will inform customers of the effective maintenance of the unit on time, so that the unit is always in perfect system management, good standby or operation state. HuaQuan people continue to research and develop and innovate the power system. The perfect combination of HuaQuan cloud service system and Internet technology and generator realizes uninterrupted service for the unit, which makes the unit run at a higher speed, saves a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and continuously creates value for customers.

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