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HuaQuan Cummins series 800KW container type silent generator set


Hello everyone, this is HuaQuan power. Today, I would like to introduce a HuaQuan 800KW generator set.

The rated power of this generator set is 800KW. We choose Chongqing Cummins engine. HuaQuan is an authorized enterprise of Cummins company. The engines we use are all genuine machines. In the engine part, the PT fuel system with high efficiency is adopted. It can precisely control the amount of fuel injected. Better atomization of fuel. Only when the fuel is burned more fully can the exhaust gas pollution be reduced.

The generator part of this unit. We use the lileisenma brand. The generator is wound with pure copper coil. It has good conductivity and stable output.

This generator set uses deep sea control module. It can monitor the operation data of the unit in real time. In case of emergency, it can give an emergency alarm and stop. The generator set can be operated and used after inspection by the staff.

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