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Huaquan has finished assembling and rolling off the production line


Recently, a number of green smart generating units in China have been installed and rolled off the production line, making their own contribution to the healthy development of green power market.

When ecology prospers, civilization prospers; when ecology decays, civilization decays. Ecological and environmental protection is a cause that will benefit generations to come.

China, therefore, the research and development personnel in the process of actual work, combining environmental protection with business development, closely around the national policy, combined with market demand, focus on reducing noise pollution, air pollution, environmental protection intelligent power equipment, etc, and connecting with the urban development, to create with China all the characteristics of low cost, high standard, high technology, high quality power equipment brand, to become the industry leader.

China by integrating all the internal resources of science and technology, to attract domestic and foreign relevant strengths, relying on independent innovation results support the healthy development of the environmental protection industry, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, upgrading the industry technology, a flat power equipment industry core technology research and development and technical service platform, to provide quality environmental protection products for global users.

After years of development, Huachun has established a long-term strategic partnership with domestic and foreign famous brands such as Yuchai, Shangchai, Weichai, Cummins, Volvo and Perkins. Huaquan environmental protection intelligent power generation equipment which has just finished assembling and rolling off the production line all USES the above brand engine, the quality is reliable, the energy conservation environmental protection, the intelligence is efficient, is worthy of trust!

China as a national high and new technology enterprise, gazelle enterprise in shandong province, shandong high-end equipment manufacturing industry leading enterprises, weifang intelligent creator in manufacturing industry, is a professional manufacturer of intelligent power equipment and mobile storage equipment, is a professional mechanical and electrical installation project construction contract, at the same time, in the international energy equipment market have set up a good brand image.

Huaquan, the power solution expert around you, can customize exclusive products according to customer needs. Enquiry hotline: 159-0536-0712

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