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Huaquan mask manufacturers, protect the power escort!


At the critical stage of “anti-epidemic”, in order to ensure the safety of electricity consumption for mask manufacturers, Huachun, taking into account the actual situation, adopts various online and offline services to carry out all-round maintenance for power generation equipment of enterprises and help eliminate potential electricity consumption.

Since the Spring Festival, mask manufacturers have been in intensive production, making important efforts to protect people’s lives.

In order to ensure the uninterrupted production and sufficient power supply of these enterprises, the staff of Huachun make use of advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to conduct online inspection and intelligent maintenance on the power generation equipment of the enterprises. For problems that are difficult to be solved online, all Chinese people are the first to rush to the scene to efficiently solve emergencies.

During the epidemic, Huachen insisted on taking turns to be on duty without interruption, responding to everything, no matter what the weather is like. All this is to ensure the power safety of mask material manufacturers, and to fight against the coVID-19 epidemic. Unite as one, fight the epidemic together! Let us pay tribute to the “contrarian” who struggles in the front line!

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